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      "The part can not be well unless the whole is well."
      - Plato

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      Dealing with a Sports Injury or Musculoskeletal Pain?

      Our clinics are the highest-rated wellness centers in Waldorf, Maryland and Alexandria, Virginia, specializing in treating orthopedic sports medicine-related injuries and chronic pain. We are passionate about getting to the source of your pain to get you back to LIVING. Our highly specialized team takes a whole-body approach providing in-depth diagnostics and cutting-edge treatment with minimally invasive therapies to heal and strengthen your body.

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      We believe there are solutions to your pain. Dr. Mariam Razaq is one of the top sports medicine doctors in Waldorf, MD and Alexandria, VA, who has worked with hundreds of patients from everyday people to athletes to not only heal from their injury but come back stronger than before. We understand how important an active lifestyle is to you. Our mission is to help you safely manage your pain and jumpstart your recovery process to get you back to your active lifestyle as soon as possible.

      • Do you have a sports-related injury?
      • Are you experiencing unresolved pain?
      • Has muscle discomfort impacted your ability to perform your best?

      You were meant to live an active, pain-free life! Stop ignoring your pain and let us find a solution. Our clinic goes above and beyond to find an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plan, unlike anything you have tried before.

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      We specialize in Spine, Joint, Muscle, and Nerve Conditions, including:

      • Neck Pain
      • Lower Back Pain
      • Disc Herniation
      • Facet Pain
      • Osteoarthritis
      • Sacroiliac Joint Pain
      • Myofascial Pain
      • Headaches
      • Rotator Cuff Pain
      • Plantar Fasciitis
      • MCL/ACL Injury and Knee Pain
      • Tendonitis including Tennis/Golfer Elbow
      • Muscle Sprains, Strains, and Tears

      Waldorf Sports Medicine and Diagnostics

      Healing starts with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Razaq and our team of specialists begin with a careful diagnostic evaluation utilizing cutting-edge technology to get a comprehensive understanding of the area causing pain. We will conduct a real-time diagnostic ultrasound exam to determine which treatment plan will best suit your needs. Having a deeper understanding of the affected area will give us a better idea if the injury is causing additional discomfort in other areas. Your body will often overcompensate when dealing with an injury, which is often overlooked by standard care.

      When you work with our sports medicine experts, you will be working with a specialized team with years of experience. We understand how athletes use their bodies during practice and training and know how to properly instruct you to prevent future injuries. We will work with you to create a recovery plan that incorporates lifestyle awareness, exercise, nutrition, and pain management.

      Whether you have experienced an injury to your spine, knee, hip, shoulder, foot/ankle, or any muscle, we are ready to get you back to a pain-free life.

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      Sports Medicine Treatment

      Our goal is to utilize every healing avenue available before jumping to the idea of surgery. Your body has the ability to naturally heal, regain strength, mobility, and full functionality if guided with the right therapies. Our team stays up to date on the latest treatment options that have a proven success rate. The treatments we use are minimally invasive and allow your body to heal faster.

      • Ultrasound-Guided Injections
      • Physical Therapy
      • Rehabilitation
      • Pain management techniques
      • Therapeutic modalities

      Don’t wait to get back to a pain-free life. Book your appointment today!

      What our patients are saying?

      I totally recommend this practice. Dr. Razaq is very personable and easy to talk to. I found this location online and when I called, I was able to get an appointment the next day. We were set for an appointment at 4 pm but probably wasn't seen until 430-445pm, but I understand now. She takes her time listening to you and explaining what's wrong. She did an ultrasound in the office and was able to diagnose immediately. Going back in two weeks after MRI is done, will update review then.

      – PEARL W.

      Dr. Razaq is a rare find. She is passionate about medicine, cares about the well-being of her patients and doesn't whip out the prescription pad to treat every complaint. If you want to pop some pills, find another practice! But if you really want to be on the road to recovery, start here.


      I been seeing Dr. Razaq for over three years. Dr. Razaq literally saved my life. The injection I’ve received on my back, hips, and hands were a lifesaver. Dr. Perry is also number one! Dr. Perry gave me injections in my hands as I have Balsam Arthritis which is really painful. Dr. Perry gave me an injection in my hand and talk about impressive he was so gentle my pain from injection was so minimal I couldn’t it believe it was over. Dr. Perry did a phenomenal job! I truly don’t know what I would if done without meeting Dr. Razaq she so kind and talks with you spends time with you listens to all your concerns. Their staff Amy and other staff are so kind and helpful. I recommend anyone who has problems pls see Dr. Razaq and Dr. Perry. Thank you Dr. Razaq for all you have done for me.


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